Portland Metro Area to Hit 70 Degrees for First Time in Months

PORTLAND, Ore. β€” Temperatures in the Portland metro area will rise in the afternoon on Wednesday,Β  26 April 2023Β andΒ Rose City will likely see its first 70-degree day since October 20, 2022.

On Wednesday, it will have been six months since Portland had a high in the 70s in the afternoon.

This is just the beginning of a heat wave that will get worse this week in the Pacific Northwest. Temperatures will keep going up until FridayΒ when they are sure to break records.

Portland Metro Area to Hit 70 Degrees for First Time in Months

The old April 28 high is 82 degrees, which was set in 1998. Forecast models are leaning toward a high of around 80 degrees in the afternoon on Friday, which would be close to the record. Not only will it be warmer in Portland and the area around it, but the clouds will also be clear and sunny.

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This will be Portland’s first real taste of summer in six months. Now is the time to get ready for risks caused by heat.

Portland Metro Area to Hit 70 Degrees for First Time in Months

Before you lock, look! Over the next few days, don’t leave people or pets in your car. Even though it might feel warm outside, the inside of a car can quickly become dangerous in just a few minutes.

This week, people who want to get out of the heat shouldn’t go to the river. As temperatures rise, the mountain snowpacks in Oregon and Washington are melting quickly. Rivers will flow faster, higher, and colder than usual. Even the best swimmers could get sick from being in cold water if they don’t wear a life jacket.

Portland Metro Area to Hit 70 Degrees for First Time in Months

Those who enjoy the sun and warmer weather in a responsible way will feel a lot better.

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