Reinstated Police Officer’s Resignation Shocks Community

This morning, the City Attorney’s Office that Officer Brian Hunzeker of the Portland Police Bureau was also working as a Clark County sheriff’s officer.

Tonight, WW got an email from the city saying that it had “just learned” about Hunzeker’s second job in Washington and that Hunzeker had quit his job yesterday.

Willamette Week found out about Hunzeker’s side job earlier this week. Since he was hired last August as a sheriff’s deputy in Clark County, Hunzeker has made almost $100,000 a year. Hunzeker took this job after Mayor Ted Wheeler fired him last year for leaking a police report that wrongly linked a hit-and-run to then-Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty, a fierce bureau critic at the time.

Reinstated Police Officer's Resignation Shocks Community

In February of this year, a judge reversed Wheeler’s decision and said Hunzeker should be put back on the job and given back pay. Hunzeker went back to work for the Police Bureau. Since then, he has been getting a paycheck from the city of Portland for $107,744 in addition to the money he was getting from Clark County.

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It’s unclear if the Clark County Sheriff’s Office knew Hunzeker had gotten a job in Portland again. WW was told by an office representative that he worked “full time” and had four weekly shifts. OpenPayrolls says Hunzeker was paid $45 per hour and got $48,560 from Clark County last year. A county worker could not give WW pay information, but they stated that the number was “approximate.”

It is also unclear what Hunzeker was doing for the Portland Police Bureau. WW asked the bureau on Thursday if he had gone back to work. The bureau did not answer.

When asked for a statement, Mayor Ted Wheeler did not answer immediately. When he does, this post will be changed.

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