Breaking News: Portland Police Arrest March Sh00ting Suspect

This week, Portland police arrested a guy for a sh00ting in downtown Portland in March that left one person in very bad shape.

Dwayne R. Driver, who is 28 years old, was taken to the Multnomah County jail on Thursday. He is accused of second-degree attempted murder, first-degree attack, illegal use of a weapon, and being a convicted criminal in possession of a gun. He is still in jail and has not been charged yet.

According to Portland Police, At 1:45 a.m. on March 18, police officers on watch near West Burnside Street and Southwest 4th Avenue heard forearmsh0ts in the area. According to a statement, they found a man who had been sh0t three times and was lying down behind Dante’s at 350 W. Burnside St. with three bullet holes in him. Police said he was taken to a hospital nearby.

The document says the killing happened in a nearby Chevron parking lot, which can be seen on security video. At 1:41 a.m., the film shows a silver Audi SUV driving into the parking lot.

Portland Police also shared this news via a tweet.

A man gets out of the car and puts something in his pocket that looks like a gun. The man walks toward a party bus. The statement says that after he gets on and off the bus a few times, he gets on and starts firing his gun several times. He gets in the SUV and drives away.

The document says that a witness told police that he saw the bus drive from the Chevron to Dante’s parking lot and saw a guy stumble out and fall to the ground.

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Police say that the hurt person has been released from the hospital and is improving.

During the investigation, cops heard firearms near Southwest 3rd Avenue and Southwest Ankeny Street. Officers found signs of firearms, but they didn’t find any victims or suspects. Police said that many people were leaving the scene when they got there.

Police took a handgun from the Portland home of Dwayne Driver.

Breaking News Portland Police Arrest March Shooting Suspect

Investigators found that the Driver was the person who sh0t the person who was hurt. On April 3, police went to his Overlook neighborhood home and saw a silver Audi SUV parked in front.

After checking Driver’s home on Thursday, police took him into custody and found a tan gun. Court records show that Driver was found guilty in 2015 of trying to kill someone with a gun and breaking into a house.

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