Oregon Politicians Introduce Legislation to Aid Homeless Students

The Education Committee of the Oregon Senate has voted in favor of a measure that would make it easier for homeless adolescents to attend school and enhance their academic performance.

If it became law, Senate Bill 658 would establish a pilot program to grant money to local school districts for three academic years. Moreover, it would instruct the Oregon Department of Education to provide a legislative report on homeless kids and the pilot program, including high school graduation rates.

Oregon Politicians Introduce Legislation to Aid Homeless Students

At a hearing held at the end of the previous month, Oregon Senator Tim Knopp, R-Bend, the primary proponent of the measure, said that assisting homeless adolescents at an earlier age may counterbalance persistent issues as ad*lts.

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Knopp says, “We do a very poor job in supporting homeless students here in Oregon and fund them very little. “Children that are homeless during their youth are 68% more likely to experience chronic homelessness as adults.”

After winning approval from the education committee, the measure will be considered by the Joint Committee on Ways and Means.

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