Oregon House Will Again Explore College Sports Spectator Legislation

There will be another vote in the House on a measure that would bring about “equity-focused regulations” to regulate the conduct of college sports fans at public colleges in Oregon.

House Bill 2472-2 would compel schools to conduct an annual survey of students and athletes and submit a report to the state legislature detailing the results.

On Tuesday (April 4, 2023), the House Committee on Higher Education voted 6-3 to advance the measure to the House floor with a do-pass recommendation and refer it to the Joint Committee on Ways and Meansβ€”five Democrats, one Republican, and three Republicans were in support, all voting roughly along party lines.

Oregon House Will Again Explore College Sports

Public universities in Oregon could have lost state grants, state scholarship money, and support from the Oregon State Police if they failed to enact and enforce policies to address such behavior.

The most recentΒ breaking news from Oregon State, including:

The bill initially called for a one-week suspension of coaches and athletic directors if fans used “derogatory or inappropriate names, insults, verbal assaults, profanity, or ridicule in violation of equity-focused policies.”

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