Mountain Snowpack in Oregon is 150% Over Normal

The mountains of Oregon are entirely covered in snow. The majority of the state’s mountains are currently protected with one and a half to two times the snowpack typically recorded in these regions, according to the “snow water equivalent” data recorded by the National Weather Service.

This data records the depth of water that would cover the ground if the snowpack was in a liquid state. According to Andy Bryant, a Hydrologist with the National Weather Service, the fact that the snowpack is in outstanding condition is excellent news for the fish populations in the area.

Mountain Snowpack in Oregon

β€œThe spring snowpack is a big benefit for summer water supply for almost every part of the state,” Bryant said. β€œIt also helps with sustaining streamflow in streams, which makes for happy fish and other riverine creatures.”

Even if they are helpful, the snow levels may increase the danger of flooding in Eastern Oregon throughout the spring.

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β€œThere is a limited risk in Eastern Oregon, including the area around Burns and a few rivers draining the Wallowa Range and northern portions of the Blue Mountains,” he said.

According to Bryant, it is too soon to tell whether the snowfall would improve wildfire conditions throughout the summer.

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