Portland Fire And Rescue Responds To House Fire in SE Tibbets Street

A home caught fire shortly before noon in the 15100 block of SE Tibbets Street, and firefighters from Portland Fire and Rescue were sent to the scene.

When the firemen arrived, they saw that the garage was on fire and immediately started putting out the blaze.

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The home was thoroughly searched, and all occupants were found to have escaped unharmed.

According to the authorities, a powerline was knocked down while putting out the fire, which created a potentially hazardous scenario. The local electricity provider was successful in de-energizing the line in a risk-free manner.

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The fire reportedly spread to the second story of the property but was put out very soon by the responding crews.

Because of the damage to the home, the family of five will need to find new accommodations. The cause of the fire is still being investigated at this time.


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