University of Wisconsin Students Speak Out Against Proposed Tuition Hike

The University of Wisconsin Board of Regents voted Thursday, 30 March 202, to raise tuition for Wisconsin undergraduates at UW-Madison by 4% for the 2023-2024 school year.

As part of the Republican Lawmakers’ 2013-15 state budget, UW Systems’ tuition was frozen. However, for the first time in a decade, in-state tuition is increasing by 4%.

According to the news Source, Maria Shackett is a freshman at UW-Madison. She said that even though she lives in the state, she won’t feel the effects of higher tuition because she lives in the state.

University of Wisconsin Students Speak Out Against Proposed Tuition Hike

“A lot of my tuition is covered by financial aid, so I don’t particularly feel the impacts of it,” said Shackett.

Shackett said she won’t be directly affected, but many of her friends will be.

“There are so many issues that students like myself have to deal with and adding tuition increase on top probably is not making their year,” said Shackett.

The average increase that was approved for the whole system was 4.5%. By dollar amount, UW-River Falls has seen the most growth. The cost of dollar amount going to each school will go up by $468.

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The price for out-of-state students will go up by 3%. One that will affect students like Abigail Walsh, a freshman at UW-Madison, in a very real way.

“Is the FASFA going to be able to compensate for that or is it going to be fully on the parents who are paying for these kids’ college or are the kids going to have to work another job to pay for that,” said Walsh.

Walsh is currently working on a research paper about how rising college costs affect students in the U.S. She thought of the idea after seeing how these prices affected her friends’ health.

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During her research, she found out that 45% of her peers have jobs while they are in college. She thinks that raising prices will only take students’ attention away from their studies.

“I have a few friends who are on full scholarships or have a lot of student loans because they can not afford college and that is a really big stresser for them,” said Walsh.

Students who get Bucky’s Tuition Promise will not have to pay more because of the increase. Even so, Shackett thinks that raising tuition will make more low-income families less likely to go to college.

“I think in high school a lot of students did not understand FASFA or how to take advantage of that and I think this tuition increase is just going to widen the gap,” said Shackett.

Students who get Bucky’s Tuition Promise will not have their tuition go up.

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