Oregon Measure 114: New Gun Law By Supreme Court

Voters in November narrowly passed Measure 114, which says that people who want to buy a gun must first get training and a permit and that magazines can only hold 10 bullets.

This measure is now in the Supreme court, but gun supporters have already filed a new measure for 2024. This new measure is now called Initiative Petition 21. IP 21 would say that you don’t need a permit to carry a gun that you can hide.

Following is a tweet regarding the update provided:

Kerry McQuisten, the former mayor of Baker City and one of the main petitioners, says that the passage of Β Measure 114 (by 1.3%, or fewer than 25,000 votes out of almost 2 million casts) has energized gun supporters.

Do you know that firstly Measure 114 Gun Restriction Petition Is Rejected By The Oregon Supreme Court?

McQuisten says, “People are very angry.” She also says that 25 states now allow “constitutional carry.”

McQuisten and the other people who signed the petition must now turn in the signatures of 1,000 sponsors before they can start collecting the 160,551 signatures needed to get a change to the Oregon Constitution on the ballot.

Source- oregonlive.com

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