Oregon State Legislature Passed Senate Bill 1071 To Restore Boating Access

This month, the Oregon State Legislature passed Senate Bill 1071 (SB 1071), making boating possible again in the Newberg Pool, a long stretch of the Willamette River outside Portland. SB 1071 raises the weight limit for boats that can be towed on the Newberg Pool.

This means more families and individuals can enjoy water sports and other outdoor activities in their community. In addition to giving more people access, the proposed law aims to reduce traffic around homes, docks, and narrow parts of the river.

Oregon State Legislature Passed Senate Bill 1071

The Newberg Pool community benefits socially and financially from boating for fun. Recreational boating and water sports bring $1.6 billion to the Oregon economy and support nearly 6,000 jobs and more than 400 local businesses. These businesses include marinas, dealers, mechanics, restaurants, and convenience stores.

The Oregon State Legislature unanimously passed a resolution honoring the late, great Frank Moore last week.

Also, powerboating is one of the top ten outdoor activities in Oregon. More than 6.8 million activity days are spent on the water each year by Oregonians cruising and doing water sports.

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Sen. Mark Meek (D), Sen. David Brock Smith (R), Rep. Ricki Ruiz (D), and Rep. Lucetta Elmer (R) all strongly support this bill. It’s an essential step in the right direction to give reasonable public access to the Newberg Pool again, which will help local families and small businesses.

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