Portland Retail Theft Is Connected To Drugs And Stolen Cars

Theft from stores is at an all-time high. In several regions, the increase is over 50%. In recent months, dozens of people have been arrested due to coordinated shoplifting operations between shops and law enforcement.

The Portland Police Department, the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office, and the TriMet Police Department conducted their third joint shoplifting sting at Mall 205 and the Gateway Shopping Center on Sunday. Store security officers were in contact with law enforcement officers outside using intercom systems. Police were able to remain on the scene because of a mobile booking unit.

The constant threat of theft has led several business owners to abandon their locations in Portland. Store personnel is often discouraged from confronting shoplifters by their employers out of concern for their safety. Officials said that shoplifting is part of a more extensive network of criminality in the Portland area and that missions like these make a difference.

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β€œRight now, retail theft is also associated with our drug and stolen vehicle issues,” said Jordan Zaitz with the PPB East Precinct Neighborhood Response Team. β€œThey’re all combined, and it’s affecting our community.”

We Can See Tweets About Drug and Car Retail Theft Connections

Mi Cava Cocina owner Ezequiel Gutierrez said, “We saw it smashed windows along the region. That’s a common sight these days. Officials in Multnomah County have stated that 104 persons have been apprehended in 2 previous coordinated shoplifting stings at these locations. 130 warrants were served, around $11,000 worth of stolen retail goods, and ten stolen vehicles were recovered.

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The police are increasing their efforts to prevent shoplifting and spreading the word. β€œWe let everybody get away with it. We didn’t have the resources to touch on it,” Zaitz said. β€œSo now it’s good to be able to arrest people and hold them accountable.”

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