Policeman Stops A Woman And Orders Her To Open Her Trunk, Unaware He is Being Filmed

This Portland cop decided one day that doing his regular job wasn’t satisfying. Every law enforcement official in this country should know what he has done and look to it as a model for conducting themselves in their daily work.
The county cop pulled over in his patrol car and did something Chy-Niece Thacker didn’t expect when he observed a driver in trouble. The police officer did something to her after warning her about a broken brake light that left her stunned and compelled to write about it on Facebook.

Chy-Niece was anxious when she realized that Officer Jenkins was pulling her over. She then fumbled around in the car’s glove box, likely searching for the insurance and registration documents.

Why Did The Officer Stop Her?

As Officer Jenkins approached, though, he told her to stop. He pulled her over for no purpose but to tell her that her brake light was burnt out. My friend was walking to the car when he stated, “Don’t worry about pulling anything out. “I’m letting you know that your brake lights are out,” Thacker posted on Facebook.

From then on, Thacker trusted Officer Jenkins. She decided to vent her anger at him even though he only attempted to keep her safe on the road. She informed him she was concerned that because she had just updated her brake lights in July, she would have to pay for another expensive test to verify the wiring in her automobile. With a stern expression, he instructed me to open the trunk.

Policeman Stops A Woman And Orders Her To Open Her Trunk
Policeman Stops A Woman And Orders Her To Open Her Trunk

He went to the trunk to see if the lights were on and tried tapping them, but nothing happened. She explained, He first had me check the relay box by opening the hood and then had me exit the vehicle to examine the other relay.

To Thacker, Officer Jenkins stood out for his dedication to the neighborhood. He didn’t want to write her up; he only wanted to be helpful. Thacker was pleased to share the story of the favorable exchange with WTVR CBS 6. To paraphrase what he had said, “I don’t want someone ramming into the back of you,” she recalled him saying. After hearing that Jenkins had “gone above and beyond,” Thacker was ecstatic to share the news.

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It would have been easy for Officer Jenkins to write me a ticket, but instead, he took on the technician role to ensure I was driving straight. The hashtag #HesABlessing was added to her.

Without a shadow of a doubt, Officer Jenkins demonstrated that he became a police officer not to wield a weapon or take down bad criminals but to serve and protect the people of his neighborhood. When he learned that She might have trouble coming up with the money to pay for a wiring test on her automobile.

He listened to her story with compassion and understanding and offered to help. He is undeniably one of the good police officers who do not receive sufficient recognition for their efforts.

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