Angie Smith’s Injuries: A Closer Look at the Fallout


NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle veteran Angie Smith faced a heart-stopping moment during the NHRA Midwest Nationals’ qualifying rounds at the World Wide Technology Raceway. Angie, an experienced rider and the wife of six-time series champion Matt Smith, encountered a frightening mishap during her qualifying run in the shutdown area.

Impressive Qualifying Run

Angie Smith, starting the day in the 13th position, demonstrated her skills by improving her standing to eighth place during the second session of professional qualifying. She completed an impressive run, clocking in at 6.880 seconds and reaching a speed of 198.93 mph in the left lane, racing against Cory Reed.

However, the joy of her improved performance quickly turned to concern as reports emerged that she had become separated from her DENSO-backed Buell motorcycle at a high speed.

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A Sudden Incident

The incident occurred so suddenly that the NHRA on FOX cameras had to cut away from the run, leaving her crew, race officials, and fans in suspense. Thankfully, Angie Smith remained conscious and alert throughout the ordeal, showcasing the effectiveness of NHRA’s safety measures and equipment.

NHRA Safety Safari officials arrived promptly to offer assistance. Following initial treatment at the scene, Angie was transported to a nearby hospital for further evaluation and care.

Angie Smith’s Injuries

Later, the team’s public relations representative provided an update on Angie Smith’s injuries. She suffered two broken ankles and significant road rash during the incident. Angie was expected to spend the night at the hospital and was scheduled to meet with a skin graft surgeon to address her injuries on Sunday.

Support from Her Team

In a heartwarming show of support, her husband Matt Smith and teammate Jianna Evaristo decided to withdraw from their respective race activities following the incident. They rushed to be by Angie’s side at the hospital.

As of now, there’s no official confirmation about their status for raceday. Matt Smith and Jianna Evaristo were ranked second and sixth, respectively, adding an extra layer of uncertainty to their team’s weekend.

A Reminder of Motorsport’s Risks

Angie Smith’s harrowing incident serves as a poignant reminder of the risks associated with motorsports, even in NHRA, where safety is paramount. The entire NHRA community stands in solidarity with Angie and her family, hoping for her swift and complete recovery. Fans and fellow competitors eagerly await updates on her condition and the status of Matt Smith and Jianna Evaristo for raceday.

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