Portland Heat Wave Continues, 2nd De@th Reported

During this week’s heat wave, the Multnomah County Medical Examiner looks into a second possible heat-related fatality.

The incident occurred on Tuesday when the outside temperature rose as high as 102 degrees Fahrenheit. A hospital in Portland reported it, but at this time, no additional information is being made public.

The medical examiner identified a possible heat de@th in southeast Portland on Monday.

More research and testing will be required if the de@ths are definitively heat-related.

At least five heat-related fatalities were recorded in Multnomah County last year. A state-wide heat dome that year claimed 96 lives, with 60 of those fatalities occurring alone in Portland.

Multnomah County investigated the 2021 de@ths and discovered that most fatalities were older, single, and more senior people without air conditioning. The county and city of Portland have increased their funding for free heat pumps and air conditioners for members of vulnerable communities after the tragedy.

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