Oregon Coast Towns Brace for Heat Wave as Tourists Flock to the Sea

To escape the catastrophic heat wave raging throughout the Portland metro area, people went to the Oregon coast. The throng, according to neighborhood stores and eateries, heated up business in seaside towns.

Many people traveled to the shore on Tuesday to escape the triple-digit heat inland. “103, 104. Too hot,” commented Rick, a traveler. Another traveler, Christopher Johnson, said: “It was nice relief to come out here today.”

Oregon Coast Towns Prepare for Heat Wave Tourists

Even others more accustomed to the heat expressed how much they enjoyed the coast’s cooler climate. β€œTucson, Arizona, where it’s not as hot as it was in Portland,” Jill and David Madill added. β€œIt’s only 72 or 73 right here.” The Seaside Downtown Development Association’s Kerri Lambert said they knew the weekend would be crowded.

β€œWe were already expecting a ton of people in town because it was the 41st Annual Seaside Beach Volleyball tournament. Had over 2,100 teams playing. The beach was scorching,” Kerri Lambert, of the Seaside Downtown Development Association, said. The Portland Metro’s record-breaking heat wave increased the number of people visiting Seaside to escape the sweltering temperatures.

β€œIt was hard to get around people on the street, too, on the sidewalks,” Lambert said. β€œWe’ve had more people on the beach than usual, it seems.” She suggests indoor pursuits in the city center to beat the heat or a tasty treat.

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β€œIf you want to go downtown and cool off, the best place is Seaside aquarium,” Lambert said. β€œWe have Seaside Scooters. They have tilt a’ whirl, bumper cars, and putt-putt golf. Sea Star Gelato, of course, Tuckered Bear, Zingers, they’re homemade, Phillips Candies, Schwietert’s.”

Visitors claimed they were soaking up the nicer weather. β€œSeeing the beach sunset,” Madill said.

β€œJust enjoying the nice, beautiful weather here with our awesome dog,” Johnson said. Many claimed that the water was still very cool because it was still the Oregon coast, despite the metro area experiencing record heat.

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