Woman in Critical Condition After Being Shot While Pregnant

After shooting her three times in the back, shoulder, and thigh, a 34-year-old man fatally shot a pregnant woman’s unborn child with one of the rounds.

Dontae Maddox was detained last week at The Inn at Boynton Beach after hotel manager Steven Jairam reported to police that the suspect entered the lobby, put down his weapon, removed his clothes, and waited for BBPD officers to arrive, which was corroborated by surveillance footage, according to the affidavit. Maddox is being jailed without bond after being charged with attempted first-degree murder and criminal firearm possession.

He said he should have killed himself instead while detained by police, adding, “I didn’t want to kill her, I just gave her what she deserved.”

The docs have suppressed information about the relationship between Maddox and the pregnant victim. Maddox’s arrest report indicates that he is not married.

Before 8 a.m. on Thursday, officers arrived at the hotel along Boynton Beach Boulevard. Dispatch informed officers that a woman had been shot, and the suspect was in the lobby.

The victim claimed to be seven months pregnant when they arrived. The arrest record states that she was transported to the Delray Medical Center with serious injuries, and shortly before 8:40 a.m., her unborn child passed away.

Woman Shot in Hotel, Suspect Confesses to Police

The woman’s condition was severe yet stable as of last week.

When police were holding Maddox, he confessed to shooting the victim with a 9mm FN handgun that had been found. He admitted to the police that he and the woman had been fighting for the previous week.

Maddox is accused of waiting for the woman to exit her hotel room on the fourth floor before shooting her.

“She lucky I didn’t kill her a**,” Maddox is reported to have said in the back of a patrol car.

Another witness, who has known Maddox for roughly two months, reported hearing loud bangs that he knew to be shooting and someone yelling to BBPD officers. This witness watched the suspect leave and grabbed his own gun before sprinting to the hotel lobby.

According to the affidavit, Maddox stated to the witness, “I didn’t want to kill her; I just wanted to show her what’s up.” The same bystander started tending to the woman’s gunshot wounds.

The guy, 34, offered a complete confession for his acts to police during an interview, according to records. He admitted to waiting for the woman to exit the room before shooting her twice.

After the victim down a few flights of stairs, Maddox allegedly shot her once more. He is told to stop speaking to the victim in the future.

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