Oregon State Police Seek Public Assistance in Identifying Suspects Who Recklessly Drove Through Little Applegate River

Oregon State Police (OSP) are reaching out to the public for help in identifying individuals who were witnessed driving through the ecologically sensitive Little Applegate River. The suspects were seen “winching” their way through areas that are normally impassable.

The Little Applegate River holds significant importance as the last tributary before reaching the Applegate Dam and serves as a vital habitat for salmon and other wildlife.

In their effort to apprehend the culprits, OSP has released photos of the incident to aid in the identification process. Unfortunately, the visible license plate on the vehicle proved unhelpful in the investigation.

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The group of suspects may face several charges, including second-degree criminal mischief, placing an offensive substance in the water, and committing unlawful damage with a Class II all-terrain vehicle (ATV).

OSP urges anyone with pertinent information about the incident to come forward and report it to the TIP (Turn in Poachers) line at 1-800-452-7888 or via email at [email protected]. When providing information, please reference Case #SP23-215276.

The Oregon State Police and authorities hope that with the public’s cooperation, they can swiftly identify the individuals responsible for this reckless act and protect the valuable ecosystem of the Little Applegate River.

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