Oregon Governor Allows Self-Serve Gasoline Bill to Pass Into Law After 72-Year Ban

After 72 years, the ban on self-serve gasoline in Oregon will finally come to an end, as Governor Tina Kotek decided not to veto the bill, allowing it to become law. House Bill 2426, which permits Oregon gas stations to have up to half of their pumps available for self-serve, was announced among a list of potential vetoes, but it ultimately escaped Kotek’s veto.

The bill will bring an end to the longstanding prohibition on most drivers pumping their own gas. However, it does maintain a requirement for gas stations to continue staffing at least half of their pumps for individuals who either cannot or prefer not to pump their own gas.

Initially, Governor Kotek had sought to gather public input and hear from the people of Oregon before making a decision on the self-serve gas bill. The response was significant, with over 5,000 emails sent to her office regarding the matter. Ultimately, the feedback did not lead to a veto.

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The self-serve gas portion of the bill will take effect either upon Kotek’s signature or automatically on August 4 if the governor chooses not to sign it. As a result of this law, Oregon’s regulations on self-serve gas will be simplified, eliminating the patchwork of rules that have existed since 2015.

The bill has sparked a division among Oregonians, with some welcoming the prospect of quicker fill-ups, while others wished to maintain the ban, citing concerns about potential job losses and the convenience of full-service gas stations.

Past attempts to legalize self-serve gas in Oregon were unsuccessful, but this time, the bill gained traction and support. Two statewide polls in 2021 showed that over 60% of Oregonians favored the option to pump their own gas.

Additionally, fuel companies had advocated for the change, citing difficulties in staffing fuel pumps. Once the Oregon bill takes effect, New Jersey will be the only state that still prohibits self-serve gas stations.

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