Bend N. Majors Softball Team Heads to Nationals, Ready to Make Oregon Proud

The Bend North Majors All-Stars softball team earned the right to represent the region in San Bernardino, California, at the Little League Northwest Regional Tournament.

The athlete Janelle Guiney stated, “That is what we have been focusing on a lot: just believing that it is just going to be the same dimensions, the same softball field, and the same game, and not to let nervousness get in the way of how you play.”

Before they go for the event, that is the attitude and focus of the All-Stars team. According to head coach Kevin Guiney, this is the first time in the program’s history that Bend North Majors’ softball team has won both the district and state tournaments.

Kevin Guiney remarked, “We played six games and didn’t have a single defensive error, which is unheard of for anyone, I mean, in Major League Baseball that is unheard of.”

For me, it didn’t feel real, the player Kennedy Huff remarked. “I thought it had not happened.” But it did happen, and they are now battling for a chance to play in the little league world series while representing Team Oregon.

Softball Team Excited and Anxious to Represent Oregon

Everyone feels a bit anxious, but they are also excited, and you have to constantly tell yourself that you are anxious because you are excited.

All players and coaches are provided with transportation, lodging, and meals by Little League International, but not by their families. The neighborhood stepped forward to help the fans who wanted to travel.

β€œWe could potentially be down there for nine days, so for the families, that is a huge expense,” said Kevin Guiney. β€œI mean, they are taking off work, a lot of them are self-employed, so they don’t have that income coming in, and the community has been phenomenal with a lot of the donations, trying to help out a lot of these families to offset some of those costs.”

The participants have been focused on one main objective from the beginning.

β€œWe’ve come together to be a like a close-knit family because that was one our goals at the beginning of the year, to become a tight-knit family, and that is kind of what we are,” said Janelle Guiney.

A softball family participating in the North Carolina Little League World Series in an effort to fulfill a once-in-a-lifetime goal. Thursday at 8 a.m., the team departs. On Saturday at 12:00, they take on team Alaska; all matches are broadcast on ESPN Plus.

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