Pennsylvania Police Trooper Shot To Death In Manhunt

Authorities say a guy opened fire on state police vehicles outside a barracks in central Pennsylvania, leading to a multi-scene shootout in which two troopers were shot, and one was killed.

Col. Christopher Paris, the Pennsylvania State Police commissioner, said at a press conference on Sunday that Brandon Stine drove his pickup truck to the barracks in Mifflintown on Saturday morning, got out of the vehicle, and fired a long rifle into marked police cars.

According to Paris, 38-year-old Stine drove away from the scene in his pickup. A massive manhunt for Stine, aided by more helicopters, was launched. Lt. James Wagner of the state police found Stine early that afternoon, and shots were fired between the two, according to Paris. According to Paris, Wagner was mortally wounded by a bullet fired by Stine.

On Sunday, Wagner remained in serious condition at the Milton S. Hershey Medical Center after being sent to Lewistown Hospital.

Another state trooper, 29-year-old Jacques F. Rougeau Jr., ambushed Stine as he drove through the borough’s borders. During a press conference, Lt. Col. George Givens stated that Stine shot through Rougeau’s windshield, killing him.

In what Givens called “a game of cat and mouse,” the gunman managed to get away once more and run off into the woods of Walker Township.

After pursuing Stine through a neighbourhood and a parking lot, the police eventually caught up with him. Police say Stine initiated gunfire with officers in a parking lot filled with shoppers from a nearby establishment.

Givens claimed that police shot and killed Stine when he became trapped between two rows of trees on a nearby property. On Saturday, Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro tweeted that he had visited Wagner in the hospital and ordered flags throughout the Commonwealth to be lowered to half-staff in honour of Rougeau.

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