Portland Welcomes Back Shrek Rave

On Friday, June 2,Β nights, the Roseland Theater in Portland’s Old Town hosts a dance party for the city’s misunderstood ogres, overcompensating lords, and stubborn jackasses.

Shrek Rave was back in Portland on Friday, June 2, 2022, after selling out gigs all around the Pacific Northwest the previous year. The event’s poster reads, “It’s dumb, just come have fun.”

Portland Welcomes Back Shrek Rave

Ashlee Koehrsen, marketing manager for the local event production business Mammoth NW, emphasized the importance of participants dressing up for the event.

Here are some resources that can help you learn more about Oregon:

β€œIt’s one of the most insane, fun events for sure,” Koehrsen said. β€œShrek Rave is exactly what it sounds like lots of Shrek costumes and dancing to rave mixes of the Shrek soundtracks.” The minimum age to enter Burning Man was 21. The event’s doors were opened at 7 o’clock. The party started at 8.

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