The Ritz-Carlton Hotel’s Downtown Portland Opening Date Has Been Scheduled

A massive new structure has recently been added to Portland’s skyline. In 2020, while the epidemic was beginning, construction on the Ritz-Carlton began. Now that construction is nearly finished, there is optimism that it will contribute to downtown Portland’s revival.

The Ritz-Carlton Residences are located in a sleek, dark glass edifice that rises 35 stories high and is planned to accommodate 132 luxury condominiums and 251 hotel rooms.

You can see a Facebook post for confirmation of the news-

Nearing completion, the structure occupies a whole city block at 9th Street Southwest and Washington Street. The hotel promises a formal announcement regarding the date in the late summer.

There has been a lot of construction during economically unstable times, and today, up close, there are a million subtle finishing touches.

Marie Browne once remarked, “It’s a lot of fun to create what the experience is going to be for our guests, be on the ground floor, hire all of the team, and make sure that you bring the right people on board.”

Browne is the general manager of the only 5-star hotel in Portland. Prices for the hotel rooms will likely begin at $575 per night and rise from there. The schedule is filling up quickly.

“We’re building bookings and are very encouraged by the pace of that, so it’s very good,” Browne said. “The system has been open for some time so we’re building bookings.” The press has not been invited inside as of yet. Artist renderings hint at the high-end hotel that will showcase Oregon’s many attractions, as Brown has described it.

β€œThe designers of the hotel did a spectacular job just incorporating everything special about Oregon, from the coastline to the forest,” said the GM, who has been involved in 25 other Ritz-Carlton openings in the past.

But there’s more to this $600 million structure than just a hotel. The penthouses, located on the eighth floor, can be purchased for close to $8 million. We have heard that about 30% of the 132 condominiums are in escrow.

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel's Downtown Portland Opening

The first few levels will house the hotel’s administrative offices, meeting spaces, and retail outlets. There are several different functions housed in one massive structure. So, can Portland, after everything it’s been through, support such a posh establishment? Browne is optimistic about the future of the hotel industry.

β€œThe interest is overwhelmingly positive and we feel this will be part of a sort of breathing new life into the city and this area downtown,” said Browne.

Of course, the great majority of people can’t afford an apartment or even a hotel room. The hotel’s administration, however, claims that there will be no one who can’t hold their special dinner, family gathering, or cocktail party there.

Browne expressed her desire for local Portlanders to apply for the approximately 200 available service and hospitality opportunities.

β€œWe’re looking for service professionals in Portland, those who are truly passionate about serving customers and making that a great experience. But we want to hire as many of those people from Portland as we can.”

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