Oregon Modifies Its Release Rules for Prejudice Crimes

First-degree prejudice offense defendants in Oregon will no longer be eligible for same-day release. On Tuesday, May 30,Β Chief Justice Meagan Flynn of Oregon signed an order mandating the detention of suspects in the state’s most serious racially motivated attacks until their arraignment.

After a racist attack on a Japanese-American family last summer, new statewide criteria for pretrial confinement were implemented. On the Eastbank Esplanade, a father and his 5-year-old daughter were bicycling when, according to the police, Dylan Kesterson assaulted the father.

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Hours after the alleged attack, Kesterson was released without any consequences. After that, he was connected to at least three earlier racist attacks in central Portland. The city was outraged at Kesterson’s release back onto the streets following the alleged incident.

Ted Wheeler, mayor of Portland, Oregon, has called for a thorough examination of the state’s penal system. Kesterson was booked for a first-degree bias crime but was freed from jail the same day, despite pressure from Asian American advocacy groups, prosecutors, and crime victims.

“For the community, it was shocking,” said attorney John Kodachi, the former president of the Portland Japanese American Citizens League. “I think the public at large was stunned that someone can engage in this type of violent behavior, hateful behavior, and simply walk out, free to do it again.”

Oregon Modifies Its Release Rules for Prejudice Crimes

A statewide decree establishing the parameters under which defendants may be released before their initial court appearance entered into force on July 1, 2022, one day before Kesterson’s arrest.

In general, those accused of more serious crimes (such as violent felonies, s*x crimes, or felonies or misdemeanors related to dom*stic abuse) cannot be freed until they are brought before a judge. Acts motivated by bias were not included.

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According to court documents, Kesterson is still in detention, despite his case being put on hold because he has refused to submit to mental health evaluations and has failed to appear in court for fitness to proceed hearings.

Although each county circuit court must update its policy by July 1, Chief Justice Flynn’s decision to change the pretrial release criteria is effective immediately. “The courts are recognizing that bias crimes are serious and a serious threat to the community at large,” Kodachi explained.

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