Residents in Southeast Portland Are Complaining About Recent Road Alterations

The residents of Southeast Portland are concerned about the safety of the new roads. Southeast Mill Street’s bike lanes were restriped this week, but some locals complain that getting to Lincoln Park is harder.

‘No Parking’ signs and bike lanes have been installed along Southeast 130th Street and 135th Street. Concerned neighbor Rick Ohmie says, “What they’ve done the way this right this is actually created a safety issue by having to have their children cross the street rather than having parking on that side of the street where they can unload them curbside and not be out on the side of the street where they were put in danger.”

Residents in Southeast Portland Are Complaining About Recent Road Alterations

Parking is prohibited across the street from Douglas High School from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. on school days, although it is not permitted in the bike lane solely on the park side of the street. It is driving families further away from the park in search of parking.

On Wednesday, May 31 morning, Ohmie claims he noticed a family on their way to the park. Ohmie describes a man getting out of a truck with his two young children so that he can cross the street to take them to the park. He was concerned about parking illegally and receiving a fine.

The following is a statement issued by PBOT in response to these issues and proposed changes:

The 4M Neighborhood Greenway Project is making it safer and more comfortable for everyone to bike in the area. SE Mill Street has historically had no parking during school hours on the north side of the street. It’s a busy area with David Douglas High School on the north side of the street and a park and elementary school to the south.

We heard from the local school communities that keeping the parking on the north side of the street would be best as we add bike lanes to the corridor.

In response to input from the community, we are planning to add on-street parking on SE 135th Avenue, adjacent to the park, just south of Mill Street.

We have heard concern about crossing the street amid the volume of traffic there. To slow down the vehicle traffic and make crossing the street safer for everyone, the project has built four-speed bumps on SE Mill, between SE 130th Avenue and 135th Avenue. We also plan to enhance the crosswalks at the intersection of SE Mill and 135th to make people biking and walking more visible there.

β€œIt still scares me to see that you lose control of one of those children. If they step out of this road where your unloading them a street side, that could have catastrophic ramifications For that family and the driver,” says Ohmie.

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