Oregon City Police Chief Jim Band Has Announced His Retirement

The police chief of Oregon City has announced his retirement, effective August 17. Chief Jim Band has led the department for the past decade. The band has been the chief of police in Oregon City since 1998.

“Jim has been a leader not just in the department but in the entire community, and he will definitely be missed,” said City Manager Tony Konkol.

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Many of the policies and initiatives implemented by the OCPD, because of his years of experience and commitment to ensuring the department is always at the forefront of law enforcement standards, are used as examples by other regional agencies.

β€œIt is going to be bittersweet for me to say goodbye and acknowledge that Chief James Band is retiring. I have been working with him for over 15 years, and if there is one word that describes his commitment to the job – it’s Community,” said Mayor Denyse McGriff.

β€œIt took a number of years, but we deliberately changed the culture of this department. To ensure that we continued operating at this level, we have done significant succession planning with the leaders and future leaders of this police department,” Chief Band said.

Completing the Libke Public Safety Centre is a significant accomplishment for Band. In 2017, bond funding was approved by voters. Without community backing, a bond measure like that would never pass. The finest principles of public service are not enough to garner that kind of support,” Band added.

Finding a new chief for the Oregon City Police Department won’t be difficult. On the seventeenth of August, Captain Shaun Davis will be promoted.

Davis, now the department’s captain, and his father, the chief, joined the Oregon City police force in 1998. Chief Band remarked, “Shaun has been integral to the culture of OCPD and has been preparing for this role his entire career.”

Oregon City Police Chief Jim Band Has Announced His Retirement

β€œIt is an honor and a privilege for me to be selected as your next police chief. We have the very best officers and support staff who are dedicated to serving our great community and who take pride in everything they do. I am excited to lead our department into the future,” Davis said.

β€œI am looking forward to working with Shaun Davis,” Mayor Denyse McGriff says. β€œOver the last few months, we have been meeting to continue our working relationship, and he, too, is community focused. I have every confidence in Captain Davis to continue to guide the OCPD with the same focus as his predecessor.”

β€œCaptain Davis has some very big shoes to fill when it comes to replacing Chief Band. The Chief has been a driving force in the Community and a true leader, ensuring that Oregon City has the best police department possible.”

“With that said, I have every confidence in Capt. Davis, as he has shown himself every bit the strong leader that his predecessor has been. I look forward to seeing the department under his leadership,” said Commissioner Mitchell.

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On June 27 at 6:00 p.m., there will be an open house at the Libke Public Safety Building where residents can say farewells and meet the incoming Chief. Chief Band will discuss the department’s evolution over the past two decades, while Captain Davis will discuss the agency’s top priorities for the foreseeable future.


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