Aflame Once More: Second Blaze Strikes Tire Pile near Moda Center

Portland fire authorities reported that the pile of shredded tires that caught fire on Thursday, May 25, was ablaze again on Monday, May 29, morning. Portland Fire & Rescue tweeted just before 8:00 a.m. that they were responding to the incident, which pared down to two engines keeping the pile cool.

Fire officials reported that hoses were hooked up throughout the blaze’s perimeter, including on the Steel Bridge itself, for a while. The fire’s origins remain a mystery, but officials have reported successfully putting out the blaze with a reduced response.

Castle Tire is listed as the owner of the rubber in city documents. Rubber chips are loaded onto ships for export at the company’s dock. The area has experienced two fires in as many days.

Second Blaze Strikes Tire Pile near Moda Center

According to Portland Fire & Rescue Captain Rick Graves, “What I think we’re seeing here is just a period where that hot spot has allowed air to get to it, and then it crops itself up into a large enough fire that smoke begins to emanate, and we show up to address it.”

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According to Graves, the cause of last week’s fires remains a mystery, even though it required a massive workforce to extinguish and traffic in the region was halted for several hours.

There is a clear violation of the Portland fire code at the Castle Tire facility, as individual stacks of tires cannot be stacked higher than 10 feet. City documents show that Castle Tire has filed an appeal with the fire inspector, requesting permission to install a high-tech camera system capable of rapidly detecting a fire violating the fire code.

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