Leaked Bodycam Footage Of Local Police Harassing And Pepper Spraying Minor Girl

In modern times, police in the United States have been accused of mistreating and harassing children. A minor was shot by police after contacting 911, as reported in our news outlet a few days ago. But now things have gone too far; a new viral video is trending online showing New York City police officers pepper spraying the eyes of a little child for no apparent reason.

There are conflicting opinions on the Internet about whether or not the police did the right thing by spraying pepper in the eyes of a little child. The event was initially captured on camera by bystanders, but now body cam footage is available, revealing the police officers’ inappropriate actions. Activate the audio to hear the caution the police have been giving her:

As the child moans and screams for assistance, the footage reveals that the police are pushing her into the car. She had been sobbing nonstop because she misses her father. The fact that it snowed in New York City indicates that the footage was shot some time ago. However, the cruel actions are unforgivable. The male cops took her up roughly at first as she resisted going with them. When she still refused to comply, a female cop arrived and pepper sprayed her directly in the eyes.

A 9-year-old was intentionally pepper sprayed in the eyes. The poor girl began sobbing and asking for assistance. She experienced severe eye irritation and needed to spend a day in the hospital. However, the cops seen in the video have been terminated from their positions.

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The NYPD commissioner has issued a strong statement of condemnation and has ordered disciplinary measures to be implemented against the involved officers. After this issue reached a higher degree of scrutiny, several former police chiefs and other authorities investigated it and determined that pepper spraying wasn’t required. They could have easily closed the door and thrown the girl inside the car. Leave your thoughts on the regular torture of minors by police in the United States below.


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