Portland Woman Wants Daughter’s Cold Case Murder Investigated

A Portland mother desperately needs an arrest in the shooting that critically wounded her daughter. The victim was shot in 2019, and her loved ones have been wondering who might be responsible for the crime ever since.

Dawn McKenzie has been unhappy that the search for the suspect has yielded no results as the days have passed. Her kid no longer resides in Portland because she felt unsafe there. It was the evening of April 23, 2019. An automobile was reportedly shot at many times in Southeast 146th and Stark, according to the police.

You can see a video of a Portland woman hoping for arrest in the cold case shooting of her daughter-

According to police, 26-year-old Brianna Fuentes was sitting in a car when she was repeatedly stabbed. Her mother claims that her daughter was shot in the pelvis but survived.

Residents of the 146th and Stark area still talk about the shooting. They claim it’s only the latest in a string of gunshots in the area. A local who asked to remain anonymous expressed her frustration that no one seemed to be held accountable for the several shootings that have taken place recently.

She says, “You’ve got kids and everything like that, and it’s so fast, and they’re being chased by the police sometimes, but it just goes on because it just seems like no one wants to deal with it, including the police.”

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Dawn McKenzie is doing all in her power to keep her daughter’s case alive, and she is not giving up. She explains that Brianna has left Portland, got a career, and is a wonderful mother to their daughter, but that a conclusion to the case would still mean a lot to all of them. She’s keeping her fingers crossed that somebody will volunteer some details.

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