Fuel Tanker Truck Driver Dies After Hitting a Tree Outside Lyons, Oregon

The Linn County Sheriff’s Office reported on Tuesday, May 23, that a petroleum tanker truck driver had perished in a crash west of Lyons, Oregon.

BeforeΒ 10:40 a.m., 911 call takers got word that a tanker truck had collided in the 4600 block of Lyons-Mill City Drive. They heard reports of explosions while on the road.

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The preliminary investigation indicates that Lebanon resident Steven Froemke, 63, was driving a 2000 Kenworth Carson Oil tanker east when he failed to properly negotiate a turn, causing the vehicle to leave the road and crash into a tree. On the spot, Froemke’s death was confirmed.

Fuel Tanker Truck Driver Dies After Hitting a Tree

The sheriff’s office reported, “Several hundred gallons of fuel, including regular grade, supreme, and diesel fuel, were spilled, continuing to burn for hours.” β€œThe fire departments and hazmat crews worked to prevent the fire from spreading and ensure the fuel was contained within the area.”

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According to authorities, no evidence exists that a fuel spill tainted the neighboring water source. Even though authorities have yet to determine what caused the crash, they have stated that “there is no indication of impairment.”

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