Identified as the 9-year-old Boy Who Died After Falling From a Bronx Window

The body of a young kid, aged 9, has been found after he fell from a fourth-story window in the Bronx.
Miguel Ramos, police stated, died after taking a fall on Mount Hope Place at around 4 o’clock on a Sunday.

The kid is presumed to have climbed onto the air conditioner, wriggled his way out the window, and then fallen to his death, according to the investigation.

As per Eyewitness News’s sources in the neighborhood, police arrived promptly, began CPR, and rushed the youngster to the hospital.

The death of a Bronx youngster, 9, after he fell from a window was also reported on Twitter by Eyewitness News.

“Everybody was screaming. I felt the heart of everybody. Everyone here was screaming,” said Geraldo Montes. Former babysitter Leonor Castillo recalled that the toddler required constant attention.

“I knew him five days after he was born. He was a sweetheart. This gives me a lot of pain. We would go shopping. We never left him alone,” Castillo said.

Eyewitness News was told by a close cousin that the adopted boy had autism, was non-verbal, and that his adoptive mother celebrated his uniqueness. She found it exciting to anticipate his needs before he spoke.

Identified as the 9-year-old Bronx Window Falling Boy

In addition to her own biological children, the mother took care of foster children in her Bronx apartment. “The mother was in bad shape, but we have to wait to see what God does – everyone is united with her,” Montes said.

“She was a really good mother. She really cared about him. Excellent mother” added Castillo. Several of the mother’s neighbors have expressed their gratitude for her diligence in getting her son, then nine years old, to school each day.

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The circumstances surrounding the accident are still shrouded in mystery. Norelis Mendoza, whose family reported her missing last week, may have been discovered dead in Bayonne, as per the authorities.

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