Governor Tina Kotek Is Asking For Your Help In This Video!

Tina Kotek has made great strides in politics, making life better for many. But now there are videos of her posting online appeals for assistance. Particularly from those in Oregon. Let’s investigate this thoroughly.

This video, issued by the Governor on her official Twitter account, is a direct appeal for aid from the state to its citizens. Actually, she’s talking about how important it is to protect Oregon’s natural splendor and cultural heritage for the sake of future generations. What’s really going on can be heard below.

Oregon’s natural splendor is undeniable. It’s one of the most beautiful states in America and a popular vacation spot for good reason. I consider it a great fortune to have been born in Oregon, as the state’s landscape is beautiful in every season. However, modern inventions and pollutants are eroding the country’s spirit.

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I fully endorse Tina Kotek’s efforts in this direction and encourage everyone to do their part to protect the world we leave behind as pristine as possible. So much of our cultural history has been destroyed over the past several years, and if we keep going at this rate, we won’t have anything left at all.

The title of this post may have led you to believe that it is clickbait, but the contents are genuine. No single Oregonian can ensure the state’s continued existence for future generations on their own. We must all work together.

Comment below on what you think has caused Oregon to lose its luster.

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2 thoughts on “Governor Tina Kotek Is Asking For Your Help In This Video!”

  1. Chere' DiValerio

    Oregon is now embarrassing; I’m ashamed of its condition. Our roadsides, parks, forests, lakes, rivers, & cities have been disrespected by GARBAGE. The homeless camps by railroad tracks are being ignored & it’s DISGUSTING! Homeless people should be paid, w state-supplied garbage bags ($5/bag?) to clean up not only their spaces, but other areas. Make them work for a change.

  2. Oregon has been hijacked by crooked politicians. Tina Kotek is leading this charge. She knowingly took campaign contributions from La Mota while they not only owed back state taxes, but Kotek had knowledge that an OLCC audit involving La Mota was forthcoming. Kotec also knew and turned a blind eye to the Oregon Secretary of State being paid off by La Mota.

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