Oregon’s Governor Tina Kotek Gets Death Threat !!

Everyone in Oregon has heard of Tina Kotek. Since becoming Oregon’s governor, she has excelled in her role. We learned recently about an assassination attempt scheduled for very soon. We have no idea if this information is genuine or not, but we cannot justify putting the life of such a selfless and dedicated individual in danger.

There was a post published on Twitter that has been deleted now which claimed the chances of attack on Tina Kotek.

According to their most recent tweet, their covert local spies have confirmed plans to attack Tina Kotek. However, it’s not made clear what kind of assault this would entail. We are all familiar with the assassinations of Lincoln and Kennedy, but there have been many others throughout American history.

We reached out to locals in Portland and the surrounding areas to see if they knew anything about this. After further investigation, we have concluded that this tweet is nothing more than empty threats and misinformation.

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Focus Hills Boro stresses that it is not responsible for the content of this article. One of our frequent readers brought us a link to this tweet, and we just finished looking into it.

Nonetheless, it is preferable to avoid illness rather than treat it. Please keep an eye on your surroundings and contact the police if you notice anything out of the ordinary. When in doubt, dial 911 immediately.

Now that we’ve reached the end of this unbelievable news, we’d like to encourage you to add our site to your bookmarks so you can return later for more genuine Oregon news. Leave your thoughts in the comment section. Is he bluffing or is he really that scared?


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