Why Are Overdose Deaths Increasing in Oregon?

After a weekend of overdoses,We investigating whether or not overdose deaths are on the rise and the factors contributing to this trend. The police say Portland is on course to break its overdose death record for the second year.

Portland police stated there were 58 fatal overdoses at this time last year and 158 by the end of the year, indicating a substantial increase in overdose deaths over the past few years.

According to authorities, there have been 85 death overdoses this year, a 46% increase from last year.

You can also watch a video addressing the question “Why Are Overdose Deaths Increasing in Oregon?” below.

Captain Jake Jensen, who heads up the Portland Police Bureau’s Narcotics Unit, said that fentanyl is to blame for these deaths. Eight people overdosed over the weekend after unknowingly ingesting coke laced with fentanyl.

In response to why drug dealers add fentanyl, Jensen said he has heard it is to increase the narcotics’ addictive properties.

Why are overdose deaths increasing in Oregon

β€œOne that I’ve heard is that they’ll put fentanyl-laced in with other drugs so that people think they’re buying cocaine or meth or something. They get fentanyl in it, and it makes it more addictive. So they’re more likely to come back,” Jensen said.

β€œIt’s possible that there’s some contamination or that drugs get mixed up, and drug dealers think they’re selling cocaine, but they’re selling fentanyl.”

Drug Enforcement Administration Stated that fentanyl is being smuggled north along Interstate 5 by drug gangs across the Southwest border. Additionally, they said, fentanyl overdoses are rising in the Seattle area.

The most recent data about the Beaver State is detailed here.

According to the Drug Enforcement Administration’s acting special agent in charge, social media is now being used by drug cartels to advertise and sell their wares.

β€œIf you have a cell phone, if your child has a cell phone, the cartels have access to you,” said Galvin. β€œThere is no safe pill that someone purchases on the internet.”

Officers there now carry Narcan to treat opioid overdoses and collaborate with county health officials to educate the public.

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