The Results of the Special Election That Took Place in Oregon on May 16

Local ballot proposals, school board positions and levies, water and fire districts, and other contests were on the ballot in Oregon’s special election on Tuesday(16 May 2023).

On Tuesday, preliminary election returns showed that Julia Brim-Edwards was far ahead of her opponent in the Multnomah County Commissioner, District 3 race. Fifty percent of the vote went to her, compared to eight percent for Albert Kaufman and thirty-one percent for Anna Del Rocio.

The tweet below is from Julia Brim-Edwards:

On Tuesday, voters in Multnomah County decided “no” to a proposed capital gains tax by a margin of over 85,000 votes. Renters facing eviction would have had legal representation thanks to the tax.

Special Election

We’re also monitoring the contests for Portland Public Schools Zone 3 and Measure 26-240 in the city government. View additional voting statistics here.

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