Northeast Portland’s Firm Location Suffered a Setback With the Shooting

The weekend sh00ting was just the latest setback for a company in northeast Portland. Less than a year has passed since the Capitol Bar and Lounge opened at 15th and Broadway in the city’s northeast.

The Capitol Bar and Lounge ownerΒ is a woman who,Β at one time,Β planned to open the establishment with her fiance. Unfortunately, he drowned last summer while attempting to save a person from the Columbia River. She persevered through manyΒ challenges to launch the firm on her own.

A vehicle hit the storefront not too long ago. Then, just last week, a shooting occurred there. When customers began taking cover shortly after midnight on Sunday, May 14,Β Dan Fortner workedΒ at a restaurant across the street. Fortner, a U.S. Army veteran of ten years, went there to provide a hand.

Northeast Portland's Firm Location Suffered a Setback With the Shooting

He said that the pub was in disarray and that one of the sh00ting victims was lying on the ground. He claims he took over the tourniquet application after hearing that she had been shot in the upper thigh and seeing that spectators were using it incorrectly.

According to Fortner, he remained with the victim until emergency personnel came. He claims he could keep his cool now, but seeing a sh00ting like that is traumatic for everyone. The effects extend to commercial enterprises as well.

The most up-to-date details about recent events in Portland are as follows:

It’s no secret that Gio Miguel frequents the Capitol Bar and Lounge. The Capitol, he believes, will be sorely missed if it has to close due to the incident. β€œI don’t really go out that much, and Capitol is one of the few places that’s kinda broken me out of my shell,” Miguel says.

According to the police, three people were sh0t at the bar over the weekend: two women and a guy. The prognosis is good for all three of them.

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