Northeast Portland Man Pulled From 30-foot Hole

A construction worker is reportedly being treated in the hospital after falling 30 feet down an excavated hole on Monday, May 15.

PF&R contactedΒ the man after responding to the Madison South Neighborhood in Northeast Portland,Β where the incident occurred. The man’s behavior, which was observed by the authorities, suggested that he may have had head damage.

You can see a tweet with the above information-

After determining the air was safe to breathe, the technical rescue team members started formulating a strategy to reach the man. The process eventually included the use of a rope rescue system.

The most up-to-date details about recent events in Portland are as follows:

As soon as the harnesses were brought down, the team gave the individual instructions on how to fasten them to himself securely. The man was reportedly rescued and transported to the hospitalΒ less than thirty minutes after the fall, as reported by PF&R.

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