The Pacific Northwest is Experiencing a Heatwave

This weekend, much of the Pacific Northwest is under a heat advisory as temperatures are predicted to keep climbing in an unseasonable heatwave near the western Canada flames.

The NWS issued a heat advisory Saturday, May 13, afternoon for parts of California, Oregon, and Washington. It is expected to last until late Sunday, May 14, or Monday, May 15. Highs will be in the low 90s, with a low 90s forecast overnight. The forecast calls for temperatures to be 20–25 degrees Fahrenheit higher than usual, which might set new records for this time of year.

In Canada, the province of Alberta is in a state of emergency due to the extreme heat that might spark dozens of fires. Over the past week and a half, close to 30,000 people have been forced to leave Alberta because of the wildfires.

The Pacific Northwest is Experiencing a Heatwave

A “heat dome,” the weather phenomena responsible for the heatwave, forms when hot ocean air is trapped by the atmosphere and, in turn, clear skies and high-pressure trap heat in that location.

A deadly heat dome covered the Northwest in 2021, causing hundreds of deaths. According to Nature, the 2021 heat dome also affected marine life, decreased crop yields, increased flooding, altered glacier melting, intensified wildfires, and contributed to landslides. There have been few heatwaves on this scale in the last century elsewhere.

Here’s the latest on what’s been happening in Oregon:

People in the Pacific Northwest, who have always enjoyed a favorable environment, adapt to changing weather patterns by reducing the adverse effects of rising temperatures and more intense heat waves.

NWS advises affected area residentsΒ to take precautions such as staying hydrated, staying indoors where it’s cool, and checking in on friends and family. The organization also stresses the importance of keeping kids and pets out of hot cars andΒ advising against excessive sun exposure and heavy labor.

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