Republican House Bill 2002 Had Its Interim Restraining Order Denied

A temporary restraining order on House Bill 2002 was requested by Representative Emily McIntire (R-Eagle Point) and Senator Suzanne Weber (R-Tillamook). Still, it was subsequently denied, as evidenced by court documents.

The Honorable David E. Leith from Marion County declared, “Having considered the briefing submitted by the parties, and having heard argument and being fully advised, for the reasons stated in the hearing record, the Court hereby orders that Plaintiffs’ Motion is denied.”

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The bill summary of House Bill 2002 allegedly violates Senate Rule 13.02, ORS 171.134, and Article 4 21 of the Oregon Constitution, as stated in a news statement sent by Representative Lily Morgan on May 3.

According to court documents obtained, the case has been filed. Lawmakers are being sued for failing to ensure that HB 2002’s measure summary “is written in aΒ manner that results in aΒ score of at least 60 on the Flesch readability test or meets an equivalent standard of comparable test,” as required by ORS 28.020.

Here’s the latest Buzz on what’s been happening in Oregon:

Republican House Bill 2002 Had Its Interim Restraining Order Denied

The plaintiffs also seek injunctive and declaratory relief against Brocker, Johnson, and Wagner under ORS 28.020 and Oregon Rule of Civil Procedure 79 to prevent them from acting on HB 2002 unless the summary complies with ORS 171.134.

House Bill 2002, if passed, would remove parental consent requirements for minors seeking information or services related to reproductive health care and g*nder-affirming treatment.

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