RV Cr@shing With Semi on Interstate 84 Near Hermiston

An RV and a semi-truck were involved in a severe collision on May 5 on Interstate 84 close to Hermiston, as seen in a video received from the Oregon State Police on Friday, May 12.

The moment was filmed by the dash camera installed in the truck driver’s vehicle. The recreational vehicle (RV) and the semi were traveling in the westbound direction when the RV attempted to switch lanes from the right to the left straight in front of the semi.

Video of RV cr@shing with a semi on Interstate 84 near Hermiston-

The RV collided with the semi as it was changing lanes, and as a result, it lost control and rolled. The five peopleΒ inside the RV reportedlyΒ sustained relatively minor injuries and were brought to the hospital. The semi truck’sΒ driver was not wounded in the @ccident.

This is the latest information you need to know about what’s been happening in Portland:

The driver of the RV, identified as Michael Battle of Hampton, Virginia, was issued a citation for illegally changing lanes, according to the police.

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