The Southeast Portland Tow-Lot Office and Many Automobiles Caught Fire

Portland Fire & Rescue reports that a fire damaged several automobiles and a tow-lot facility on Saturday, May 13, afternoon. Reports of multiple car fires in the 5600 block of Southeast 111th Avenue brought firefighters to the area at around 2 p.m.

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They reported discovering seven vehicles, including a recreational vehicle and a shed used as an office, all ablaze. The fire was promptly extinguished, and no one was hurt. They also responded to a bark dust fire half an hour earlier between I-205 and Southeast Foster Road that had spread to nearby vegetation.

They required heavy machinery to control, according to the fire department. Authorities did not immediately know the fire’s cause or the damage’s extent.

The Southeast Portland Tow-Lot Office and Many Automobiles Caught Fire

Firefighters urged everyone to take extra precautions during the current heat wave, saying:

  • Ashes from the grill should be disposed of in a metal container and kept away from combustible materials.
  • To reduce the risk of sparks from lawnmower blades striking pebbles, avoid doing yard work in the middle of the day and raise your mower’s blades.
  • Keep your vehicle off of any grass or plants that could catch fire.

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