Ex-policeman Charged With Official Misconduct for S*xual Misbehavior

The Clackamas County District Attorney’s Office has filed misc0nduct charges against a former Milwaukie Police Department officer, authorities say.

On Wednesday, May 10,Β it was reported that David McVeigh had been charged with first-degree official misconduct. According to court records, this all allegedly started in November 2019 when McVeigh had “s*xual contact with another while on duty.”

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Former Milwaukie police officer charged for on-duty misconduct
by u/tydalt in Portland

The Milwaukie Police Department issued a statement on Friday, May 12,Β saying they are aware of “the incredible importance of the authority bestowed upon its police officers and understands that allegations of this nature can call into question the public trust for this essential service.”

“We are committed to addressing any abuse of power or authority for personal gain as a very serious breach of public trust and a violation of cr!minal law,” the statement read. According to MPD, McVeigh worked with the agency from March 2016 until his contract was terminated in March 2023.

Ex-policeman Charged With Official Misconduct for S*xual Misbehavior

This is the latest information you need to know about what’s been happening in Portland:

If you have any informationΒ relevant to the investigation of McVeigh’s actions, please call the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office at (503) 723-4949.

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