Angry Parents Slam Oregon Schools for Inappropriate S*x Education Lesson

According to a story, parents in Oregon are furious because their children were exposed to s*xually explicit language during a health class on internet p0rn0graphy.

According to Fox News, parents were concerned after several slides from a Hillsboro School District lesson presentation were leaked to the “Oregon Moms Union” Facebook group last week. The presentations contained s*xually explicit term!nology that some parents felt uncomfortable exposing their children to.

New York Post Posted on Twitter and wrote:

β€œI think it would make many grown-ups blush,” Oregon Moms Union co-founder MacKensey Pulliam told the outlet. β€œThe way they taught it and some of the content on the slides was explicit.”

The “Popular Categories” slide displays a number of emojis with the corresponding internet p0rn terms, such as “p-y lick!ng,” “big d-k,” and “big @ss.”

The other slides include data on “what p0rn shows as the no*m” and the “range of n0rmalcy” for why people do or do not view p0rn0graphic content.

Another discusses the dangers of s*xting and “revenge p0rn” (the distribution of n@ked images of another person without their permission) in relation to child p0rn0graphy legislation.

Another slide is titled β€œChild-Like P0rn & Power Dynamics,” followed by terms like teen, barely legal, step-brother, and β€œDaddy’s Little Girl” as examples.

Oregon Sx Ed Outrage

In an interview with Fox News, the district’s communications officer, Beth Graser, acknowledged that the presentation is required by state law to ensure that “students receive age-appropriate instruction to help them recognize and respond to unsafe situations and increase awareness of child s*xual abuse.”

β€œP0rn0graphy is not promoted in these lessons,” Graser said, likening them to how the schools teach about su!cide prevention. β€œWe use research-based materials and clear language to teach students these sensitive topics.” After seeing the lecture in person at school, Pulliam, whose children attend school in a different district, told Fox that a parent had placed the slides online.

Others in the Facebook community felt the criticism of the lesson was unwarranted. β€œYou’re all getting triggered by the explicit words, but the message is a warning that they should not believe the situations depicted in p0rn are normal,” one Facebook user wrote, according to Fox News.

β€œThese kids live on the internet. Your teen children have all discovered p0rn, and they will not tell you that.” In the opinion of others, the words went too far, like Pulliam.

Here is a list of recent important things that have happened in Oregon.

Coco, a social media user whose tweets on the slides were watched more than 100,000 times, told Fox News, “I can’t imagine being a teacher standing up in front of a classroom full of girl minors, like a male teacher, saying some of these words.”

β€œThis has no place in a school whatsoever, I don’t can’t what grade. It’s not appropriate. And I don’t think most high schoolers, middle or most upper elementary kids are naive,” Rebecca Gorman responded to a photo of the slides on Facebook.

According to Glaser’s comments to Fox, parents receive a letter informing them about the s*xual education programs and giving them a choice to remove their children from individual classes or the entire program. The district claims that the lessons comply with Oregon Department of Education guidelines because they address the influence of the media on individuals and communities.

According to Fox News, in 2015, lawmakers in Oregon approved “Erin’s Law,” mandating that all schools in the state provide s*xual assault prevention education to children from kindergarten through graduation.

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