Oregon GOP Senators Stage Dramatic Boycott: Fight for Negotiation Time

A deadline looming might prevent boycotters from reelection, so Republican and Democratic leaders in the Oregon Legislature gathered on Thursday(11 May 2023) to try to resolve a boycott by GOP senators that have stopped Senate proceedings.

As a result of the boycott, the Democratic majority has been unable to move forward on a wide range of bills, including gun control, abortion rights, and transgender healthcare access. KGW News tweeted about Oregon Republican Senators’ Dramatic Boycott.

On Thursday(11 May 2023), the walkout entered its ninth day, making it impossible for the Senate to meet the two-thirds attendance requirement for debating and voting on proposals. The Republican Party has historically employed this strategy.

You may also view a video of Oregon’s Republican senators asking for more talks to resolve their boycott.

This time, a referendum proposal that was overwhelmingly adopted by voters in November bars lawmakers with 10 or more unexcused absences from running for reelection under the amended constitution. For some senators, Friday will be the tenth day of their boycott. The Senate postponed its proceedings this weekend so the two parties might negotiate a compromise.

Senate Republican Minority Leader Tim Knopp stated, “I hope this will give us time to work out a legitimate agreement that will benefit all Oregonians.”

Oregon GOP Senators Stage Dramatic Boycott

Republicans in the Oregon Senate have blamed a little-known statute that mandates eighth-grade readability for bill summaries for their absence. On Monday, Knopp’s office released a statement in which he indicated that Republicans share Democrats’ desire to shelve “their most extreme bills.”

House Bill 2002, which would expand access to abortion and provide for gender-affirming health care, has been declared non-negotiable by Senate President Rob Wagner. On Thursday, a roll call revealed insufficient members to constitute a quorum, so Wagner adjourned the session until Monday and wished everyone a happy Mother’s Day.

Recent and important things that have happened in Oregon are listed below.

The walkout uses a threshold in only a handful of other statesβ€”the need for a two-thirds quorum to perform legislative businessβ€”which is unique to Oregon.

Democrats in Texas, another state with a similar requirement, walked out of the Republican-controlled legislature a few years ago while debating election laws. In an effort to thwart Republican proposals reducing union authority, Democrats in Indiana and Wisconsin skipped sessions a little over a decade ago.

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