The Theft of $300,000 Worth of Landscaping Equipment From a Portland Business

Even though the theft of thousands of dollars worth of tools and vehicles from Monaghan’s Landscaping’s property has left them scrambling to make ends meet, they are making do.

The surveillance footage from April 26 at 4 a.m. indicates that three guys broke into the building where Colette and Jamie Monaghan keep their gardening tools.

A video showing $300,000 in stolen landscaping equipment from a Portland business may be seen below-

Among the various properties they manage is the Beth Israel Cemetery, located just behind the property. The robbers used masks and hoods to conceal their identities. When Jamie Monaghan got to the office a few hours later, he discovered that two dump trucks and a trailer had disappeared.

In addition to missing equipment and a broken garage door, he estimated a $300,000 lossβ€”equipment such as a chainsaw, a generator, and an air compressor.

According to the Portland Police Bureau, the Monaghans suspect a former employee may be the culprit. They claim the vehicle keys were hidden somewhere in the garage.

Reddit thread claims $300,000 worth of gardening equipment was taken from a business in Portland-

“We think it was an inside job,” Colette Monaghan said. β€œA guy that was employed here four days, and he was here just long enough to stake it out. Jamie caught him snooping around in a storage unit at the bottom of the mausoleum.”

About 48 hours after the break-in, investigators discovered damage to one of the dump trucks. According to Colette Monaghan, the vehicle was found abandoned in northeast Portland beside an IKEA store.

The following information is what you need to know right now about recent occurrences in Portland:

β€œTo think that I have to take that as a win, you know what I mean?” Jamie Monaghan said. β€œLike okay, β€˜They took all my stuff, and oh, I get one truck back.’” The Monaghans will continue running their business despite having to hire the necessary equipment.

Jamie Monaghan said, “A lot of hard work went into getting all those tools.” β€œNo one just handed them to me. We worked hard.”

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