Portland Security Guard Guilty of Mu*der in Delta Park Lowe’s Sh00ting

On Monday, May 08,Β a security officer at Delta Park was found guilty of mu*der for pepper spraying and sh00ting a man following a quarrel about trespassing in the parking lot.

In the sh00ting de@th of Freddy Nelson, 49, outside a Lowe’s home improvement shop on May 29, 2021, Logan C. Gimbel dropped his head as the jury returned guilty verdicts on second-degree mu*der and three additional offenses.

A private security guard who shot and k!lled a guy in N. Portland Lowe’s parking lot charged with murder may be seen on video.

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Gimbel claimed self-defense during the two-week trial, but video from the officer’s body camera showed him spraying Nelson and his wife in the back of their pickup truck shortly after they were ordered to leave a North Portland mall.

The guard was not hurt when Nelson lurched his vehicle forward and hit him. Gimbel,Β now 30 years old, fired back with a barrage that hit Nelson thrice.

Gimbel said that he pepper-sprayed Nelson because he assumed the latter was reaching for a pist0l and then shot the driver because he couldn’t safely turn around and escape. According to Multnomah County Deputy District Attorney Todd Jackson, Gimbel initiated the fight out of annoyance at Nelson’s sarcasm.

β€œIf he really thought there was a g*n in that car, you really think he would pull out pepper spray and walk up to the driver’s door?” Jackson asked jurors during his closing argument Thursday. β€œHe went up to the car effectively to attack the Nelsons.”

Despite Gimbel’s claims of tunnel vision, body camera video revealed that Nelson was holding a tiny can of pepper spray inside the vehicle, not a pist0l.

Nelson verbally arrangedΒ to collect and resell Lowe’s unsold shipping pallets. Still, heΒ ran afoul of Cornerstone Security, which had a separate contract with the mall to provide security services. A month before the sh00ting, Cornerstone had ordered Nelson out of the parking lot, and Gimbel had previously done the same.

Portland Security Guard Guilty of Murder

Nelson and his wife, Kari Nelson, sobbed as the decision was read,Β and the jury of seven men and five women found Gimbel guilty of illegal use of aΒ weapon and unlawful use of mace.

On one count, Gimbel was found not guilty of r*ckless endangerment, despite the prosecution’s contention that Kari Nelson, standing outside the vehicle, may have been wounded by a ricocheting bullet. John Gutbezahl, Gimbel’s defense attorney, called the truck’s roll into his client a “violent act” and defended his client’s decision to fire his revolver in self-defense.

β€œThat decision that Mr. Gimbel made saved his life,” Gutbezahl said. Gimbel was authorized to serve in the capacity of an unarmed security guard. Statements produced in court indicate that he had undergone the necessary training to carry a pist0l on the job but that his documentation had been misplaced or never authorized by a state agency at the time of the incident.

What you need to know right now regarding recent events in Portland is as follows:

As the jury left the courtroom, Gimbel changed out of his brown loafers into orange pris0n sandals. Kari Nelson and the rest of his familyΒ also refused to speak.

Gimbel was @rrested on December 2, 2021, and has been held without bail since that day. Circuit Judge Christopher Marshal will decide Gimbel’s penaltyΒ on May 23. Second-degree mu*der in Oregon carries a mandatory life sentence with the possibility of release after 25 years.

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