Unexcused Senate Absences Are Threatening Certain Oregon Senators’ Seats

On day three of the Republican quorum-denying walkout, there is still no indication of a settlement, partly because both sides of the aisle are confused about why the process has stalled.

Democrats believe it’s no @ccident that the walkout occurred before votes on g*n rights and controversial reproductive rights measures. At the same time, Republicans insist that their protest is about the readability of bill summaries.

“This is an effort to stop this chamber from holding a debate on House Bill 2002, the reproductive health and access to care bill,” said Senate President Rob Wagner, D-Lake Oswego, during remarks made on the floor following Friday’s rollcall.

Unexcused Senate Absences Threaten Oregon Senators' Seats

Oregon voters approved Ballot Measure 113, making it impossible for legislators to run for reelection if they miss more than ten votes without a reasonable reason. Some state senators might miss ten sessions by the end of next week if they keep up their current pace.

On Friday, May 04, Wagner addressed the Senate on his plans to deal with the strike. We are not sending the state police or process servers because we have a constitutional commitment to conclude this session in 160 days, but we will have floor sessions every day to ensure we get everything done in time, Wagner said.

What you should know right now regarding current happenings at Oregon State is as follows:

Weekend sessions will continue until legislative goals are attained. He also said that only extreme circumstances would warrant an excused absence.

Senate Minority Leader Tim Knopp, a Republican from Bend, previously said, “He is retaliating against us by having Saturday and Sunday sessions, and it has been years since we have had a Saturday or a Sunday session, even during the end of the Legislature, let alone in early May.”

There are 12 Republican senators and 1 Independent. Therefore,Β it’s likely that absenteeism will play a role in the approach.

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