Sinaloa Drug Cartel Tied To Murder In Oregon Over $90k Drug Debt

After midnight, a truck pulling a horse trailer left a ranch in Molalla and turned down a dark country road. A secret camera on a utility pole helped the police find the truck.

A short time later, a driver driving west on South Liberal Way saw a dead man’s body in the middle of the westbound lane. The man was on his back, arms and legs spread out like a snow angel.

Investigators say that 48-year-old drug dealer Marcos Alonso Castillo-Bernal dumped Ricardo Corral-Moreno’s body early on April 14, 2019, after he had taken him from Washington and beaten him to death at a field.

Sinaloa Drug Cartel Tied To Murder In Oregon Over $90k Drug Debt

Prosecutors say that Corral-Moreno, who was 27, was killed because he owed $90,000 for drugs. Most of this money was owed to the violent Sinaloa drug cartel, which is led by Joaqun “El Chapo” Guzmรกn, who is now serving a life term.

Castillo-Bernal, 48, was sentenced to 26 years in prison on Wednesday by a federal court in Portland. He was found guilty of plotting to kidnap someone who later died, plotting to have drugs with the plan to sell them, and illegally reentering the United States twice after being removed.

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In 2018, Portland police started an investigation into drug trafficking. After a murder in Molalla, federal agents and Clackamas County detectives joined the investigation to make it bigger.

No one else has been charged with killing or taking someone hostage. Investigations are still going on.

Court records show that the Sinaloa drug gang in Mexico sent methamphetamine, heroin, cocaine, and fake oxycodone pills to the Portland area, along the coast of Oregon, and into Washington state.

Sinaloa Drug Cartel Tied To Murder In Oregon Over $90k Drug Debt

Corral-Moreno died from injuries to the back of his head caused by a blow. He also had cuts on his face and bruises on his arms, hands, legs, and feet. Prosecutors say that his wrists’ marks showed he had been tied.

They said they found Castillo-Bernal’s DNA on Corral-Moreno’s left face and ankle.

“The situation couldn’t be any worse,” U.S. District Judge Karin J. Immergut said as she agreed with the term the government suggested.

Source- Oregon Live

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