Update News: Two De@d After Sh00ting in Parking Lot of Strip Mall in Southwest Portland

A restaurant on Barbur Boulevard was the site of a f@tal sh00ting at about May o3, 2:30 in the afternoon. The Multnomah County pris0n has received a new inmate. On a Wednesday afternoon, two men were sh0t and d!ed in a parking lot of a strip mall in Southwest Portland. The incident has been classified as a double mu*der by police.

Jobanpreet Singh, age 21, was apprehended by police and is being questioned about the incident. The Multnomah County Detention Center is now housing Singh. According to the police, Singh is being charged with not one but two counts of first-degree mu*der.

A video of two people sh0t and k!lled in a southwest Portland strip mall parking lot may be seen below-

Near JJ’s CafΓ© on the corner of Southwest Barbur Boulevard and Primrose Street, a g*nsh0t occurred just after 2:30 p.m. According to one eyewitness, two corpses were discovered in the cafΓ©’s parking areaβ€”six or seven g*nshots.

Two males were sh0t and m*rdered in the parking lot, according to a witness at a nearby company who saw what seemed to be an attempted robbery or assault.

Anthony Marinaro, who works at A1 Muffler near the strip mall, described a minute of chaos: “I heard two g*nshots,Β and then I paused for a second and then heardΒ five or six more…just emptied the whole clip.”

Two De@d After Sh00ting in Parking Lot of Strip Mall

Some of us have lunch daily at JJ’s CafΓ©, so we pray everyone’s safe. No suspects are being sought, and the police have released no information about what led up to the incident. During their inquiry, they are considering a variety of perspectives.

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From Southwest 30th Avenue to Southwest Alice Street, Southwest Barbur Boulevard was restricted to traffic in both directions. On Thursday, May 04,Β Β Jobanpreet Singh was arraigned and entered an initial plea of not guilty to both counts of m*rder.

Detective Tony Harris may be reached at [email protected] or (503)823-0441, and Detective Brad Clifton can be born at [email protected] or (503)823-0696. Both should be contacted with case number 23-115074 in mind.

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