Three Scooter-riding Teens Reportedly Sh0t a Guy in Northwest DC While Stealing Another Scooter

Three teenagers are wanted by police after a g*nsh0t in Northwest D.C. on Monday night over a scooter. At about 7:20 p.m., police were called to the vicinity of 14th and S streets in the Northwest in response to a report of g*nfire.

Officers came to find a guy who had been sh0t. He was alert and breathing normally when taken to a nearby hospital. The Metropolitan Police Department said that three teens on a single scooter tried to steal another scooter from an unsuspecting victim.

Three Scooter-riding Teens Reportedly Sh0t a Guy

According to the police, a rider on another scooter who saw the cr!me tried to stop it. One of the teenagers brought a g*n, and he sh0t the ad*lt. The three teenagers, according to the police, fled the area on foot.

This is the latest data available on recent events in Washington State:

Police could not confirm to WUSA9 if the scooter the youths were attempting to take was in use or parked. The scooter models involved were not specified by the police. There has been no leak of suspicious information. There was currently no further accessible data.

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