Northeast DC Police Are Investigating a Man’s De@th at a Bus Stop Near the Minnesota Avenue Metro Station

According to the Metro Transit Police Department, a man was sh0t in the afternoon on Monday (May 01)Β at the Minnesota Avenue station in Northeast Washington, District of Columbia. The victim was found in a bus bay at the station.

At around three in the afternoon, the event took place at the station. According to the police, the guy was sh0t in the arm and transported to the hospital with injuries that were not considered life-threatening.

Northeast DC Police Are Investigating a Man's De@th at a Bus Stop

MTPD is on site of a gunshot in the bus bay at the Minnesota Avenue Stn at 3 p.m., according to a tweet from the department. One adult guy, non-critically injured, was taken to the hospital-

The following is the most up-to-date information on recent happenings in Washington State:

There is no active manhunt for a suspect, but the police are looking for a black vehicle with four doors since they believe it may have fled the site of the cr!me.

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